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2008-04-10 13:50:52 by archex

*EDIT* I now have flash and I am getting the hang of it so expect my work soon.

Well I promised you funny stuff so funny stuff is what you will get.
Also a list of some very cool guys:
LiquidswordHes doing some real nice flash at the moment.
Seamonkey Just an all round great guy.
ATOMICCLOUD He's my cuz hes got to be on it.
Cyberdevil Another all round great guy.
JaY11 For the best sigs. and stuff on NG



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2008-04-11 20:05:32

lol japanimation...

archex responds:


2008-04-14 17:59:15

i agree that Jay1 1 is a great sig maker, hopefully ulle add me to that list after u see the banner i made

archex responds:

Yeah he does make some cool stuff.
The banner you made is cool too.


2008-04-14 20:05:56

I'm a good person... If not aroused. People hurt if punched.

archex responds:

I agree.
People also die when they shoot there head.