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2008-05-05 14:45:49 by archex

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seeing as you can only upload flash format files on NG I have made a youtube account and posted a video on all the CHERUB books.
( story is on page 17)


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2008-05-05 15:04:19

Hmmm . . . I should read some of those . . .

archex responds:

The CHERUB books?
Yeah definatly you should.


2008-05-27 06:54:25

it is a brill vid did you use microsoft powerpoint

archex responds:

Yeah I did. I sent it to the Authour but he didn't have powerpoint so I had to scale it down and save it as individual .JPEGS then put it all on Movie Maker. It took so long.
But thanks , I'm glad you liked it.