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Sailing rules

2008-09-02 11:12:14 by archex

Coz like it does

I am leaving NG.....Goodbye

2008-06-16 14:17:47 by archex

I am leaving.
I feel there is a difference between Giving and Contributing.
To give on NG for example is to make someone a sig or banner.
To contribute on NG is different, you must make a flash movie or piece of music.
I am leaving to go to youtube where I feel I can contribute more.
I may pop in every once in a while.
Goodbye Newgrounds.


2008-05-05 14:45:49 by archex

/* */
seeing as you can only upload flash format files on NG I have made a youtube account and posted a video on all the CHERUB books.
( story is on page 17)

About the story.

2008-05-02 13:16:36 by archex

The taster for the story begins on page 17, although I might just start it again somewhere.
Please tell people to comment I need all the constructive criticsm I can get.


2008-04-29 15:00:31 by archex

This is a story I wrote when I was bored.
I don't think that it is terrible and I know there may be some spelling and gramar mistakes so please don't comment to say that I have spelt something wrong.

This is just a brief epilouge kind of thing. If you guys like it I might try and turn it into an online book with chapters and stuff ( this is just an idea) so you can it!
These are just basic ideas, charecters could change names or Kate might start working on a nuclear bomb instead of a bio-bomb.

Kate rubbed her eyes with her wrists; she had been working at the British special service R&D laboratory since half-six that morning.
She glanced at the digital watch on her left wrist.
The face of her watch told her it was 11:42.
Kate let out a long sigh "god, quarter to twelve" she said to nobody in particular, although no one was there.
Kate turned to her computer she had to finish typing up a report on the bio-bomb that was being built underneath the British channel.
She opened up the folder containing the blueprints for the bomb.
So far her team had made progress and were well on schedule.
It had been a long hard journey for Kate from the protestors outside the germ lab with placards saying things like: TREAT HUMANS AS HUMANS and the newspapers with headlines such as DISEASE BOMB PUTTING POPULATION IN UNEASE BOMB.
She had laughed when she read the title.
Among the computer on Kate's desk there were various other things like folders and notes with scientific calculations on that Kate could only just about understand but the thing that caught here eye was that there had been a bombing by an eco-terrorist group called Mother Earth's Warriors, Kate let her head fall into her hands. The last thing she needed was a bunch of hippies turning nasty.
Kate turned off her computer, she could finish her work off in the morning what she needed now was a nice cup of tea and a warm bath.
She gathered up her things and walked out of the lab hanging her white coat on the coat stand on the way out.

So what do you think? will Kate die in a tragic car crash or will Mother Earth's Warriors come and destroy the lab. You tell me and I might use some of the good ideas.
Nice comments only or I will delete them.
PLease Comment.


2008-04-10 13:50:52 by archex

*EDIT* I now have flash and I am getting the hang of it so expect my work soon.

Well I promised you funny stuff so funny stuff is what you will get.
Also a list of some very cool guys:
LiquidswordHes doing some real nice flash at the moment.
Seamonkey Just an all round great guy.
ATOMICCLOUD He's my cuz hes got to be on it.
Cyberdevil Another all round great guy.
JaY11 For the best sigs. and stuff on NG



2008-04-09 13:04:24 by archex

I'm getting flash soon in the mean time.... GAS PRICES
*EDIT* By the way look after jamstar77 coz hes a newb


News McNews News

2008-04-08 16:07:56 by archex

Me gonna get flash soon :)

That is all...


2008-04-06 15:29:16 by archex

So who needs blu-ray anyway ( they cant spell blue hehe)

comment now...

Possible new club comin' your way

2008-04-04 13:47:32 by archex

I have posted on The C&C Regulars seeing if I should start a CHERUB club.
For those who dont know CHERUB is a mega selling sries of books aimed at kids about a secret organization called CHERUB which consists of kids.
This is a thingy about it...

A terrorist doesn't let strangers into her flat because they might be undercover police or intelligence agents, but her children bring their mates home and they run all over the place.

The terrorist doesn't know that a kid has bugged every room in her house, cloned the hard drive on her PC, and copied all the numbers in her phone book.

The kid works for CHERUB.

CHERUB is not James Bond. There are no master criminals or high-tech gadgets. CHERUB kids live in the real world. They slip under adult radar and get information that sends criminals and terrorists to jail.
It's got everything action humour and a teensy bit of romance .
I absoultuley love 'em so I might start a club if I do any one who wants to join can.

Possible new club comin' your way